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ikona testPre Post-Processor
NX CAM post-processors enable realistic simulation of part machining in the 3D kinematics space of the machine tool based on the NC code with taking into account the dynamics of the machine.
ikona testDetailed testing
Before the implementation of the completed configuration of the post-processor and the virtual machine, a test piece is run on the machine during which particular types of movements and cycles are checked.

Functionality without restrictions

Unique Vision
Our aim is to provide – backed by many years of experience – an optimal solution equipped with additional functions and applications that automate the work of the programmer and the machine.

Excellense & Engineering
We provide optimal solutions that use the full capabilities of the machine and control system. Our post-processors are implemented in Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia...


Reliable expertise
We are constantly improving our qualifications by participating in training courses for machine, tool and software manufacturers, which allows us to provide high quality solutions.

Unmatched Experience
Our team members have over 20 years of experience in implementing post-processors for various types of machines, robots, printers with diverse kinematics and controls.

ikona testComplete documentation

Technological documentation in the form of a list of tools or operations can be generated as simplified or extended, illustrating all process stages in detail.

ikona testFinal protocol
The implementation and commissioning of the post-processor on the CNC machine is concluded with the signing of a technical acceptance protocol for the post-processor by both parties.
Post Processors


marka ico3Code & support
CAMdivision creates post-processors for CNC machines, robots and 3D printers with realistic simulation of their operation, which take full advantage of the machine's control capabilities.

Customized Applications

marka ico3Implement
Your Vision & Ideas
We create special applications and macros automating the processes of modelling, programming, processing, generating technological documentation according to individual customer requirements.


marka ico3Reliable & professional
We create professional technological documentation with descriptions of each operation and tool, which illustrate the sequence of the process and are clear to the machine operator.


marka ico3NX CAM
Create the future
NX CAM has specialised applications for programming CNC machine tools such as milling machines, lathes, wire cutting machines. It also supports robots, CMMs and 3D printers.
ikona testFast upgrade
Thanks to the special structure of our applications and post-processors, upgrading to the next new NX CAM releases is fast and efficient. Check out new features!
ikona testWorld class support
A special Technical Support Panel – in Polish and English – allows efficient communication with the client and quick response to reported issues.
Post Processors

Technical inquiry

marka ico3Technical inquiry
Ask for a complex solution
If you are looking for a post-processor for a specific machine type, please fill in the short contact form. All we need is your basic data, the type of your machine and the type of machine kinematics. We will contact you with details and you will quickly receive an offer for the post-processor in question, together with its implementation.

Entrust us

marka ico3Contact us
We will Prepare You an offer
You can also call or e-mail us to ask about the post-processor. We will discuss the type of machine and your technical requirements or ask you for details by email. Next, we will send you an offer for a post-processor for your machine.

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