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Customized Post-processors
Tailored Code & Programming

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Customized Post-Processors

NX CAM postprocessors written by CAMdivision enable realistic simulation of part machining in the 3D kinematics space of the machine tool – multi-axis milling machines and multi-tasking machines – based on the NC code with the possibility to include the dynamics of machine movements!

Post-processors are created in the specialized Tecnomatix and NX CAM modules: NX Machine Tool Builder and NX PostConfigurator. Post-processors are created for different types of control systems – both the latest and the older ones: Accutex, Agie, Fadal, Fanuc, Fidia, Haas, Heidenhain, Mazak Matrix, Millplus, Mitsubishi, MoriSeiki, Okuma, Pronum, Sinumerik.

ikona testSolid support

We provide support before, during, and also after implementation. The customer can remain in constant contact with the person responsible for the implementation. A specially created Technical Service Panel is used for this purpose.

ikona testCooperation with manufacturers
We are in constant contact with manufacturers and suppliers of CNC machines. As a result, many implementations are already complete at the stage of delivery and installation of the CNC machine at the target company or testing at the supplier.

Real-time online access
Immediate response


The ability to realistically simulate the manufacturing process of a part while still programming the machining is nowadays a priceless capability.

increase performance
On the basis of the simulation analysis, corrections can be implemented or parameters changed without losing important time in production processes.

Active on-line tests
The simulation runs in the integrated NX CAM environment. There is no need to use additional external applications or tools.

Wide range of software
NX SIEMENS is a multi-module environment – only NX CAM can be used, while a more popular solution is the integration of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM.

Reverse simulation
Computer colision detect

Most CAM systems simulate the operation of the machine on the basis of so-called intermediate data (CLS) not processed by the post-processor, i.e. on the basis of the tool path visible on the screen. The simulation is performed on the basis of the NC code only in NX CAM! Additionally, with full possibility of taking into account the coefficients concerning the dynamics of machine movements in the individual linear and rotary axes!

NX CAM Simulation & Collision detect


NX CAM enables 3D simulation of the machine tool kinematics based on the NC code (inverse post-processor) in one integrated interface with full control of collision detection between individual elements of the OUPN system: Machine Tool – Chucks – Workpiece – Tool.

Pre post-processor
Detal testing, software upgrade & reliable documentation

Before implementing the finished post-processor and virtual machine configuration, a test piece is run on the machine. This includes simple linear, circular and helical movements, hole machining and, above all, the key cycles of the machine which were included in the post-processor configuration and which are necessary to use the full potential of the CNC machine e.g. indexing cycle.

During testing, and even before implementation, our specialists will check whether the customer is using the currently supported version of Siemens NX CAM. Additionally, multi-axis configurations, due to their complexity, are equipped with documentation with instructions for using the postprocessor and/or the virtual machine. This is an ideal complement to the know-how gained during the training.

Post Processors

Technical inquiry

marka ico3Technical inquiry
Ask for a complex solution
If you are looking for a post-processor for a specific machine type, please fill in the short contact form. All we need is your basic data, the type of your machine and the type of machine kinematics. We will contact you with details and you will quickly receive an offer for the post-processor in question, together with its implementation.

Entrust us

marka ico3Contact us
We will Prepare You an offer
You can also call or e-mail us to ask about the post-processor. We will discuss the type of machine and your technical requirements or ask you for details by email. Next, we will send you an offer for a post-processor for your machine.

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