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CAMdivision is the biggest PLATINUM Smart Expert SIEMENS Partner in Poland! We deliver the most NX CAD/CAM licenses on the Polish market!

NX CAM is the CAM module of the NX software working as a fully integrated package with NX CAD or as an independent CAM system. The NX machining module, according to the 2021 report by the independent company CIMdata, has a leading position in the Aerospace, Automotive, Mold & Die industries.

The number of NX CAM module workstations installed in companies worldwide is around 80,000, which, together with more than 30 years of industrial presence, is an undoubted experience capital supported by SIEMENS Digital Industries Software.

Coding without limits
Functionality without restrictions

NX CAM is a higher level system, which can be a part of a larger PLM solution based on NX CAD/CAE/CAM and Teamcenter, or it can be an independent CAM (or CAD/CAM) workstation. A modern interface, Polish language version together with a help system and Polish books enable fast implementation of the system.

The method of licensing of the software includes primarily perpetual licenses that do not expire after maintenance (technical care and updates). The price of the software is adapted to the Polish market and, surprisingly, is at the level of middle-range systems.

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NX CAM has a rich set of unique functionalities that distinguish it from other solutions available on the market. It works as a fully integrated package with NX CAD or as an independent CAM system.

In each NX CAM package, direct editing of solid files loaded from any CAD system is available, i.e. 3D dimensioning and editing of these dimensions, change of rounding radii, hole diameters, deletion of holes and radii, change of wall inclination and pocket depths.

An integrated, proprietary module for simulating machine tool operation based on NC code is standard in multi-axis packages, which is hard to find in other CAM systems.

The system is able to optimize the feed rate depending on the actual cross-section of the cut layer at a given time, e.g. in 3-5 axis milling operations.

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If you are looking for a post-processor for a specific machine type, please fill in the short contact form. All we need is your basic data, the type of your machine and the type of machine kinematics. We will contact you with details and you will quickly receive an offer for the post-processor in question, together with its implementation.

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You can also call or e-mail us to ask about the post-processor. We will discuss the type of machine and your technical requirements or ask you for details by email. Next, we will send you an offer for a post-processor for your machine.

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