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Technical documentation

The machining operations report is addressed at machine operators, toolroom staff and managers who need detailed information about the machining process.

The standard options are Shop Documentation and Work Instructions, which can create a report as a TXT, HTML or PDF file.

The standard available machining report templates can be extended with special functions, data and drawings to meet individual company requirements.

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Detailed data

The machining report can contain detailed data in tabular or drawn form, or a combination of the two. The report can contain detailed data on Tool list, Time (Total, Cutting...), Part geometry and material, Control geometry, Machining parameters, Control parameters, Machining sequencing, Machine tool setup, Machine tool control events, Post commands, Tool parameters, Tool path information. The amount of output data required is strictly defined according to a company template.

Reports: Various types


The report can also take the form of technical documentation including 2D/3D dimensions or personalized illustrations showing the various stages of machining. The tools and toolholders can be shown as a tabular list or as actual drawing views that include characteristic dimensions relevant to the machining process.

Basic and advanced

The Basic Machining Reports contain the required information in tabular form in a text or Excel, HTML or PDF file. In the individual columns, the operator is clearly provided with the most important information concerning the sequence of operations or the tools used (depending on priority), which can be integrated into the company's CAM/PDM/PLM information workflow.


Simple shopdoc


Template infomation
The order of individual columns, custom requirements, additional information or comments can be taken directly from the NX CAM operations environment or defined (e.g. re-naming of operations) at the stage of generating the machining report.

The extended machining reports contain additional information, just like the basic reports, in tabular form in TXT or Excel, HTML or PDF files. Minimum/maximum tool overhang, additional operation numbering, renaming, wear and tear, data export to ERP or PLM system are some of the additional requirements that we implement in such projects. The ability to present this data on personalized 2D/3D drawings/documentation enables the elimination of paper documentation from the company's documentation workflow.

Simple shopdoc


Data presentation
The possibility of presenting these data on personalized 2D/3D drawings/documentation enables control of the load of employees, tools, machines and transfer of these data to the DNC or PLM system. With such assumptions, it is possible to completely eliminate 2D paper documentation and move to the circulation of documentation compliant with Industry 4.0 standards.

Post Processors

Technical inquiry

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If you are looking for a post-processor for a specific machine type, please fill in the short contact form. All we need is your basic data, the type of your machine and the type of machine kinematics. We will contact you with details and you will quickly receive an offer for the post-processor in question, together with its implementation.

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You can also call or e-mail us to ask about the post-processor. We will discuss the type of machine and your technical requirements or ask you for details by email. Next, we will send you an offer for a post-processor for your machine.

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